Hello and Welcome!

Wow I cant believe I’m actually doing this, yep I joining in on the Blogging world and going to spill my life out to you all….lol

So I wanted to start this blog as a way of sharing my life as it is, the good, the bad and the ugly but most importantly the amazing things that happen in our world!

There will be lots of random stuff as that’s just how my life is… completely random hahaha!

I will blog about life, family, cooking, crafts, my chickens and anything amazing i stumble across and need to share! But I also like o have a good laugh, and mostly laugh at myself.

I also love reaching out to people, so if you read something and feel like you can relate please feel free to reach out!

I really hope this blog becomes helpful and entertaining to you even if it just makes your life seem better by comparing it to my crazy hahaha!

So this is just a hello post, and i will aim o blog daily on what crazy things were doing and also introduce you all to me amazing kiddos!

Thank-you for stopping by and please feel free to sign up for updates or follow!

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